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How it works

Fidelius was designed to protect your documents, but also ensure they’re available when it matters most. Please see the the diagram and videos below for an explanation of the Guardian Approval Process.


Create a vault

Login to Fidelius and create a “Vault”, choosing a name and purpose for use. Next, you assign Keyholders (people who can request access to your vault) as well as Guardians (people who guard the vault). Finally, you upload the documents you’d like to store.

Illustration of a secure safe or vault with the Fidelius logo

Concept illustration of two people sending email notifications


Notify Keyholders & Guardians

Fidelius automatically sends emails to the Keyholders & Guardians to alert them of your new Vault. You may also wish to separately inform them of any special instructions or intent for this Vault.

In addition, your Vault will immediately appear on their Dashboard in Fidelius.

*Note: Keyholders & Guardians must login to Fidelius using the email address you provided when creating the Vault!


Keyholders request access

In an emergency, any assigned keyholders can log in and request access to the vault.

Illustration of a woman sat at a table with a laptop and cup of coffee

Illustration of a man sitting in front of a laptop


Guardians verify the request

Guardians receive an email and decide to approve or reject the request. You can assign as many Guardians to your Vault as you would like.


Access is granted

If the request is approved, Keyholders are able to download the documents in your Vault.

Illustration of an open folder containing documents

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